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Bearing Introduction
- Sep 14, 2018 -

China is one of the countries in the world that invented rolling bearings earlier. In ancient Chinese books, the structure of axle bearings has long been recorded. From the archaeological relics and materials, China's oldest bearing with the prototype of modern rolling bearing structure appeared in Xuejiaya Village, Yongji County, Shanxi Province, from 221 to 207 BC (Qin Dynasty). After the founding of New China, especially since the 1970s, under the strong impetus of reform and opening up, the bearing industry has entered a new period of high quality and rapid development.

From heavy-duty wheel axles and machine tool spindles to precision timepiece components, rotary bearings are required for many applications. The simplest rotary bearing is a bushing bearing, which is simply a bushing sandwiched between the wheel and the axle. This design was subsequently replaced by a rolling bearing, which replaced the original bushing with a number of cylindrical rollers, each rolling body being like a separate wheel.

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